Avisror Moshe & Sons Ltd. is a privately owned family company established in 1978 by Mr. Moshe Avisror, who currently serves as its president. As a housing company, Avisror is classified as a C-ranked company (classification - unlimited), and as a registered contractor it is certified for government and infrastructure and development projects. As a Company that is ahead of its time in terms of planning and performance, it specializes in construction using the most advanced technologies available in Israel and compatible with the ISO 9002 Standard issued by the Standards Institution of Israel, ensuring quality control, detailed design, a high standard of quality and excellent service. The Company employs professional workers and its managers and engineers are among the best in Israel. Avisror Moshe & Sons Ltd. is at the forefront of construction as a leading company in the Negev. As a leader it has expanded its geographical reach and strengthened its presence in construction sites throughout the country.

Company Management

The Company was established by Mr. Moshe Avisror in 1978. Over the years his professional and business activities have been widely acknowledged along with his community undertakings as a donor and patron. Mr. Moshe Avisror has been enlisted on more than one occasion to share in leading numerous projects and to contribute his experience and extensive management knowledge. The titles “mega-contractor”, “Distinguished Citizen of the city of Beer Sheva” and “chairperson of the Contractors and Builders Association of Beer Sheva” showcase only a small part of this public acknowledgement. Mr. Avisror also serves as chairperson of a social non-profit organization involved in charity for the benefit of patients undergoing rehabilitation and for the underprivileged. He has succeeded in integrating unusual standards of excellence into the Company. His unwavering belief that success derives from satisfied customers has become the backbone of the Company’s business culture along with transfer of management to the next generation. The Company’s reputation is founded on its determination to initiate and build unique projects, underscoring architectural design and a meticulous focus on quality construction technologies combined with superb technical specifications. The Company maintains a long-term commitment to standards of excellent service and personal attention alongside uncompromising supervision and control in every stage of the construction process.

Eli Avisror

Yitzhak (Jackie) Avisror
Deputy CEO

Yoram Avisror
Deputy CEO
for Marketing

Company History

Mr. Moshe Avisror founded the Company based on a desire to instill in his children the love of building the country. Owing to professionalism and hard work, with persistence and striving for perfection, Moshe Avisror was able to realize his vision and lead the Company to wide-ranging and diverse undertakings. Today the Company enjoys an excellent professional reputation and the trust of homebuyers. The Company is currently building unique projects throughout the country and has earned the professional esteem of senior Israeli real estate entities who acknowledge and appreciate the many contributions of Mr. Moshe Avisror to the real estate industry in general as well as his 20 years of intense activity as chairman of the Contractors and Builders Association of Beer Sheva and the Negev region in particular. His son, Mr. Eli Avisror, who was elected as Chairman of the Association, successfully fills this position today and continues in his father’s footsteps. Mr. Moshe Avisror holds the honorable title of Distinguished Citizen of Beer Sheva and is a member of the Presidium of the Association of Builders. The Company has managed itself in a responsible manner and is characterized by stability and economic robustness throughout its many years of activity. The Company has demonstrated prudent decisions in purchasing land and in choosing its construction projects and strategic partnerships - building a credible and sound reputation among financial entities accompanying the Company as well as its customers, suppliers and the real estate market as a whole.